Many people can learn from Linda's workshops: real estate agents and associations, furniture stores, church organizations, design centers, home shows, women’s groups, book clubs, conventions, young mother’s groups, interior design associations, and discerning individuals who want to improve the beauty and culture of their home.

Program length: 60 or 90 minutes

Investment: Please contact our office for an estimate

These programs are based on Linda’s book, Define Your Life – Design Your Home.

How to Find The Home Of Your Dreams

Nothing is more disconcerting than living in a home that is unsuitable for your lifestyle, yet few people know what essentials to look for when buying a home. This talk explains the five main functions of a home and how to make sure your home is a good fit. Learn how to look at a home from the perspective of an experienced designer who has staged homes and moved clients. A bigger home is not necessarily a better one. Learn to investigate the layout of a home and sizing and shapes of rooms, making sure what the home has to offer is truly what will suit your lifestyle. Whether you are a real estate agent helping your clients find the right home, a new home buyer, a remodeler, or a redecorator, you will glean important information to help you objectively look at a home purchase or remodel from a new discerning perspective.

How To Get organized And Have A Beautiful Home

There is nothing beautiful about a cluttered home and stressed life. View routines and good designs that work together to create harmony in your life and home. Learn how to edit out the “stuff” in your home, and perhaps do a house cleaning on your lifestyle, too. More than a time management or organization course, this talk focuses on how we can sync our home and lifestyle for a better quality of life.

Find Your Personal Style

Are you still searching for your personal style? Do you want a home with your identity stamped all over it? A home of great personal taste is a delight to live in. Recognize the aspects of your personality and cultivate your style. Develop your brand with the “Style Finder” tool. Build confidence to select accessories, choose paint colors, and mix furnishings in ways that inspire you. This presentation includes the “Style Finder” tool and lots of examples of how you can develop a great style.

DecoratE For All Your Senses

When you design for all our senses, rooms don't just look good; the senses imbue an ambiance that makes you feel at home right away. Explore how to decorate using all the senses, so we can feel, smell, hear, see, and even taste our surroundings for a more satisfying experience. Includes an aromatherapy chart and slide presentation. You will leave this talk with lots of ideas to immediately improve the sensory experiences of your domain.

Homes With Soul

Have you ever heard the expression, “That home has soul?” A home with “soul” is one that reflects the character and values of its’ owners in a way that is not just seen, but also felt. Much of our depth of character develops from the time we spend in privacy, playing music, reading, praying, or simply relaxing, contemplating, and planning. In this talk, you will glean ideas about how to create private settings with the spaces you already have by using furnishings, accessories, and lighting. If you have places set up for private moments, you are more likely to take time out. We will also talk about how soul time improves your lifestyle, health and well-being.

Creating Traditions That Last

Home is often the backdrop for our traditions. They are a valued part of our culture for family, community, and country. They create lasting memories, and bonds of trust and belonging. Gain knowledge of the characteristics and traits of traditions, obtain decorating ideas for holidays, and discover ways to develop traditions from activities you already enjoy.

How to Make Your Home Feel Welcome

Do you get overwhelmed just thinking about preparing for guests in your home?

Hospitality is the classic art of making your home feel welcoming. Whether you are hosting a play day for children or a formal dinner party, consider these events in the original design of your home. Manage your entertaining with the same air of design your home is already, and entertaining will slip smoothly into your lifestyle. The slide presentation will share lots of ideas from guest rooms to afternoon tea and demonstrate how sharing your home can be a pleasure rather than a chore.

The Seven Lifestyle Principles

The 7 Lifestyle Principles were developed to guide personal expression and modernize the design process. Enjoy an overview of the principles that emphasizes how to use them to plan a home that meets all your needs and fulfills all your dreams. This program will benefit an individual working with a designer, a do-it-yourself decorator, or professional in the trade.