All photography provided by Linda Petrin

I have used Define Your Life – Design Your Home to customize my clients' homes and transform their lives. I know it will work for you.


Early in my career I realized the biggest challenge I would face was not in decorating a home, but in customizing it for the owner’s lifestyle. I discovered people found it difficult to identify what they wanted the changes in design to accomplish. The idea that design was supposed to be customized to fit ones lifestyle was a foreign idea to most people. I shared the same malady. I was capable of designing other people’s places, but when it came to my own interiors, I couldn’t conjure up a vision of what I wanted. I decided to do some research and find a way to solve this problem. My research took me far beyond the perimeters of interior design.

Interior design is an art, and a well-lived life is also an art, but a different kind of art.

Since the design process was governed by artistic design principles, I felt a quality lifestyle may also be realized by a set of principles. The 7 Lifestyle Principles emerged from this idea. I share them with you in this ground breaking book, Define Your Life –Design Your Home.


Define Your Life – Design Your Home is an interactive book of information with thought provoking questionnaires, a style finding grid, budget forms, and much more.


Whether you are a do-it-yourself decorator or work with a professional, this program will help you customize your home to create an environment for your best life.

This book, written by experienced decorator Linda Petrin, is an easily-understood, step-by-step guide for use in designing your living space to compliment your lifestyle. In the process, through this detailed workbook, you just might discover, define and express YOURSELF, likely for the first time.
— Roberta S

This book has totally changed my outlook, given me more perspective, helped me to purge many things that needed to go and start to move forward on making my home ‘feel’ like home to me!!
— Lisa H
In her book, Linda unlocks the lurking foes that perpetrate confusion and chaos in our homes and provides a guide to create not only a lovely environment, but one that will facilitate creativity and function. Using the seven lifestyle principles, my home serves me in a new, energizing way.
— Lynn S.