The 7 Lifestyle Principles™

Function | Order | Aesthetics | Senses | Soul | Traditions | Hospitality


Lifestyle Design offers presentations of the 7 Lifestyle Principles program in three formats:

  • 60-90 minute talks for your group or conference

  • A half-day interactive seminar to learn and apply the principles to your lifestyle and home

  • Personal one-on-one e-consulting to keep you on track with your project



Need a speaker for your group or conference with a new, innovative approach to customize your home and improve your lifestyle? Lifestyle Design offers an introduction to each of the seven principles or an overview of all seven. Talks are 60-90 minutes with handouts, a slide presentation, and lots of ideas to take home.


Explore a more modern way to design. Understand how the principles influence design decisions and ways to apply them to improve the quality of your life. This is a hands-on presentation full of information to make immediate enhancements to your home and lifestyle. Select a seminar that meets your needs:

  • For the discerning homeowner

  • For spas, health clubs, retreats, and those interested in customizing the home to encourage a healthy lifestyle

  • For real estate agents, architects, and professionals in the trade who want to expand what they offer their clientele

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E-consulting & Interior Design

Do you have some questions about applying the 7 Lifestyle Principles to your project? There are times when some design advice can keep the project going or provide reassurance you are heading in the right direction. Get one-on-one advice from a professional consultant specializing in the 7 Lifestyle Principles.